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Reese, a fluffy scrunchie designed with love and sustainability in mind. Crafted from organic cotton and blended with a beautiful blue, pink and white splatter pattern, Reese is the perfect accessory to add an extra pop of colour and style to your ponytail. Unlock a world of beauty and environmental responsibility with Reese. What colour will you choose?


100% Organic Cotton



Approximate 5.5" in diameter

Wraps approximately 2x around the hair

Elastic length is 7.5" 8.5" in



*Hand wash cold, no bleach, line dry or lay flat do not iron.


Handmade with care by Anita

Honey Bea Hair & Co is a small home-based business located in Texas. 

Each scrunchies is handmade by me with high quality materials and close attention to detail.  

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