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Gnomes and Mushrooms Bow Scrunchie

Gnomes and Mushrooms Bow Scrunchie

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Gnome-body gonna tie your hair up with this totally original Gnomes and Mushrooms Mini Hair Scrunchie! This fun and fabulous scrunchie is made from organic cotton and features a blue background printed with the cutest gnomes and mushrooms you ever did see. And if you wanna get creative, you can choose with or without the bow option. Keep it classy, but never boring!


100% Organic Cotton





Approximate 4" in diameter

Wraps approximately 2x around the hair

Elastic length is 6.5" -7.5" 


*Hand wash cold, no bleach, line dry or lay flat do not iron.


Handmade with care by Anita

Honey Bea Hair & Co is a small home-based business located in Texas. 

Each scrunchies is handmade by me with high quality materials and close attention to detail.  

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